Iconic Brands

Since 1837, we’ve created some of the world’s most iconic brands to improve our consumers’ lives. Here are just a few stories on how these brands came to life.

Birth of an Icon: BOUNTY

It may be the famous Quicker Picker-Upper, but it took almost a decade to perfect the revolutionary paper-making process behind Bounty.

Birth of an Icon: CHARMIN

The Charmin story is one of patience and perseverance that led to game-changing success for an everyday product.

Birth of an Icon: CREST 

Crest has helped millions understand that preventing decay and disease is a solid strategy for staying healthy.

Birth of an Icon: DAWN

Since its launch in the 1970s, Dawn has securely held its position as the trusted brand with a tough, yet gentle clean.

Birth of an Icon: GILLETTE 

The Gillette Company has pioneered shaving, bringing many firsts to market, including the two-, three- and five-blade razors.

Birth of an Icon: IVORY

It may be a simple formula, but staying true to a promise has kept Ivory pure, clean and simple for seven generations.

Birth of an Icon: OLAY 

Since 1952, this iconic brand has helped women all over the world feel more youthful and beautiful every day.

Birth of an Icon: PAMPERS 

The simple act of changing a baby’s diaper was the inspiration for Pampers, P&G’s largest and one of our fastest-growing brands.

Birth of an Icon: PANTENE

Achieving healthy, shiny hair is possible, and Pantene helps women all around the world do just that.

Birth of an Icon: SK-II 

In a sake brewery in the 1970s, the secret to young-looking skin started to reveal itself.

Birth of an Icon: TAMPAX 

By finding uses for once-discarded materials, we are eliminating manufacturing waste at our global facilities.

Birth of an Icon: TIDE

We trace Tide’s rise from a mysterious “Product X” in the 1930s to a household name today that has revolutionized wash day.